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Language and Cognitive Processes
Language and Cognitive Processes provides an international forum for the publication of theoretical and experimental research into the mental processes and representations involved in language use. The psychological study of language has attracted increasing research interest over the past three decades, and Language and Cognitive Processes provides a common focus for this enterprise. It is a journal which emphasises the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of language. Apart from research in experimental and developmental psychology, Language and Cognitive Processes publishes work derived from linguistics, philosophy, cognitive neuropsychology and computational modelling.

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Language & Education
Language & Education provides a forum for the discussion of recent topics and issues in the language disciplines which have an immediate bearing upon thought and practice in education. Articles draw from their subject matter important and well-communicated implications for one or more of the following: curriculum, pedagogy or evaluation in education.

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Language, Society, and Culture
Language, Society, and Culture is a refereed international internet journal publishing articles dealing with theoretical as well as practical issues focusing on the link between language, society and culture within a socio-cultural context or beyond its boundary.

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